About us

I do what you can’t and you do what I can’t. Together we can do big things.

Labencor is a laboratory of corrosion tests, with an autonomous and independent vocation, that was born in 2013 with an industrial approach, where the deadlines for carrying out the tests are decisive,  with a work philosophy oriented and specialized in the automotive industry, a pioneering sector and highly advanced in terms of quality, which is always intended to provide technical support and advice by Labencor.

Today, Labencor has widely diversified its market, including sectors that are moving towards excellence such as the aeronautics, rail, wind, … whose products, as in the automotive industry, require a high precision, high quality, where the pre-assembly control is essential, thus covering its current needs in corrosion tests and studying its possible future needs


In the same way, in its desire to give a quality service and with all the guarantees, since 2015, Labencor has been accredited by  ENAC in various tests (salt spray, humidity, cyclic tests, …) , being the policy implemented by the laboratory, to achieve the extension of the accredited scope in each new audit, with an approach aimed at responding to the demands that are generated in the different sectors mentioned above.

Although, the activity began in the Bic Araba Building, located in the Álava Technology Park, the quick development of the project, the growing demand for tests by customers and the continued commitment of the Management to offer a comprehensive service in terms of corrosion tests, affected the need to undertake the transfer of the activity to a new and larger location.

This transfer was carried out successfully at the end of 2017. Currently, Labencor is headquartered and develops its activity inside Arabako Industrialdea, located in the Business Park of Jundiz (Álava), a highly industrialized area with a large network of companies that find it very interesting to have a laboratory nearby.


Labencor, within its commitment to specialization and personalized service, has highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the scope of surface treatments, as well as the different types of corrosion tests.

This team is in continuous training, adapting their knowledge to the new regulations and requirements.

Beatriz Gaisán
Marta García