🌐 Safer Internet Day 🌐

second Tuesday of the month of February

February 6, 2024

🌐 Safer Internet Day 🌐

It is celebrated every year on the second Tuesday of February and this time is today, day 6.

📍 Labencor, S.L. joins this initiative promoting the safe and positive use of technology, here are some tips 👇 to know how to minimize the risk of being a victim of a cyberattack:

1. Update your operating system often

2. Install and keep up a good antivirus

3. Don’t fall into the phishing trap

4. Avoid opening suspicious attachments

5. Don’t trust unknown WiFi networks

6. Browse URLs with HTTPS

7. At the end of your day, log out!

8. Select strong passwords

🔴 Secure Internet Day began in 2004 as part of the EU SafeBorders project and was subsequently adopted by the INSAFE/INHOPE network with support from the European Commission.

⭕ It is currently held in more than 170 countries. All editions have focused on a particular issue cyberbullying, protection of digital identities or good use of social networks, especially focused on children and young people.