April 17, 2023

Our 10th birthday!

Every April 17 for Labencor is a special day and with greater reason this year that we celebrate 10 years since we opened our doors, 10 years that are the certainty that great ideas, with constancy and dedication, always go forward.

A path walked hand in hand with people who accompanied us then and also the team that currently makes up Labencor, thanking the dedication, work, responsibility, commitment and trust of all of them.

Thanks also to each client who with their trust and their closeness have allowed us to travel together these 10 years of history,

present and future.

Looking at 2013 makes us think we have many things to improve,

but we still have the same enthusiasm, vision and passion.

For these 10 years.

For all the years to come, for all the years we have traveled,

thank you very much for trusting Labencor.