July 11, 2024

Labencor, as part of its commitment to specialization and personalized service, has highly qualified personnel with high experience in the field of surface treatments, as well as in different types of corrosion tests.

⭕ In “Heart of Steel” the author uses glass materials and a steel alloy known as «weathering Steel». The sculpture, placed outdoors in Oregon, has a glass balloon inside that simulates the iron atom of the heme group. Notice the following three photographs. The three images correspond to “Heart of Steel” taken on different days: where it was installed, ten days and several months later.

📍I quote the author’s words:

“I finished the piece with a shiny surface and installed it. After its inauguration it was still bright, but after a few rains, the color began to change and after half a year it was dark red. What had completely changed the look of the sculpture is, of course, the same chemical reaction that occurs when we breathe: iron binds to oxygen”.

➡️There is only something more dangerous than the corrosion itself: its ignorance.

🔴 It is common to receive requests in Labencor to perform erroneously posed corrosion tests (under specifications in which concepts of different standards have been mixed to the point where contradictions occur), meet with customers surprised and disgusted by the deterioration of materials in a short period of time, or ask us the eternal question trying to equip hours of testing with hours of real endurance.

They are small samples of general ignorance that exists not only around the direct effect of corrosion, but also to the different tools that are available for evaluation such as testing.