New equipment for impact simulation with stones, according to UNE-EN ISO 20567-1.

August 31, 2023

Acquisition of a new equipment for the test by means of impact simulation with stones, according to Norm UNE-EN ISO 20567-1.


Standard UNE-EN ISO 20567 specifies three methods for assessing the resistance of automotive finishes and other coatings to the impact of cast-iron angular blast projected against the tested surface in order to simulate the impact of stones small.

It can be simulated by simple or multiple impact tests:

ISO 20567-1 describes the multiple impact test;

ISO 20567-2 and ISO 20567-3 define single impact tests.

The MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA I is a multi-blow test instrument of high precision, and its special feature is the good repeatability and comparability of the test results obtained.

Is a stone hammer blow testing instrument that at first was developed in co-operation with the “Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA)” (Association of the Automotive Industry) but now also meets the specifications of national and international standards.

According to the VDA, samples are fired with a steel shot with sharp edges, which is accelerated with compressed air. An upstream compressed air tank compensates for fluctuations in the external compressed air network. The steel shot is automatically fed by an adjustable vibrating conveyor. Clear and concise menu navigation via the touch panel has password-protected levels that protect against unauthorized access (such as program changes).

In the automotive industry, multilayer paint coatings are applied to bodywork for protection, performing this test we can evaluate the performance of paints of one or more layers and similar coatings against loads such as those caused in road and rail vehicles and in objects and equipment on traffic routes by small and high mass impact bodies speed.

The impact test is checked by projecting a defined number of impact bodies of a specified shape, material and surface condition by striking the specimen within a selectable time period with a defined energy at a specified impact angle (54°, according to DIN/ISO).

Thanks to this new stone impact equipment, we continue to expand our laboratory in order to be more effective and improve our performance and quality.