to the Community


January 2023

GREEN PACT is an initiative that emerged when Vitoria-Gasteiz was elected European Green Capital 2012, is synonymous with sustainable commitment, environmental management and competitive advantage, thus reducing the environmental impact of the activity and improving its relationship with the environment.

Labencor as a company committed to environmental management, has joined the Green Pact Community contributing to better industrial development incorporating sustainable environmental management measures in its day to day.

As an environmental improvement implemented in the Circular Economy Area, 3R-s.Reduce-Reuse and Recycle, has managed to reduce the impact on the environment, giving a new useful life to computer equipment that would otherwise become waste, recycling plastic and paper, reusing paper and use computer equipment 2nd hand.

In the area of the carbon footprint, is committed to implement as an environmental improvement energy savings, with the control of air conditioning and heating in office, both hot and cold air between 18º-21º, decreasing energy consumption and consequently, also saving on electricity bill.