Corrosion Awareness



April 24, 2024

🗓️Today, April 24 is celebrated the International Corrosion Day “Corrosion Awareness Day”, a day of international awareness that aims to make visible the effects of corrosion on the economy , health and the environment.


⚙️Labencor, S.L., as a laboratory specializing in corrosion tests works mainly for the automotive sector and to a lesser extent for other sectors such as construction 🏗️, naval🛳️, railway🚉 or the white range of appliances.

In the automotive market 🚘more and more different metal materials are used, which involve new challenges when it comes to solving the requirements of corrosion resistance of components in different industries.

📌 Due to this trend in the automotive market, we must be able to offer the market different types of tests to approve its components/coatings.

➡️In 2021, the World Corrosion Organization called for both governments and industries to start paying more attention to this expensive phenomenon, in direct and indirect costs, which society should not allow. Using today’s technologies alone could save💶 15-35% of the annual 📈corrosion costs.

Now is the time!😊