3rd Call for 2024



“Day on Corrosion”

16 May, 2024

3rd Call for 2024 «Conference on Corrosion»

📍Today took place the 3rd Call for formation “DAY ON CORROSION” and the whole team of Labencor we want to thank you for your participation 🤓📚 (Fernando, Oscar, José Antonio, Raúl, Jesús, Aitor, Beñat O., Beñat B., Mikel, Tomás, Adrián and Iñaki), you have made full! all boys!😃

🔴 Again the good response in the call, demonstrates the interest that exists in this type of training 🤓  and we are pleased to contribute with one of the objectives of Labencor teaching days that cover these concerns.

➡️ None of this would have been possible without your support and trust.