Further expansion Schedule

of Accreditation 


October 18, 2023

Labencor extends its Schedule of Accreditation  for corrosion testing.

Aware of the importance for our clients to have a trusted partner that offers a wide range of services accredited by ENAC, we are happy to announce that after a recent audit of ENAC, Labencor (Laboratorio de Ensayos de Corrosión, S.L.) has achieved the renewal and extension of the scope of accreditation for the following tests:

* Corrosion resistance in salt spray s/Norm UNE-EN IEC 60068-2-11.

* Moisture resistance (CH and AHT test) s/Norm BMW AA-0213.

* Corrosion resistance in wet atmosphere in the presence of sulphur dioxide s/Norm UNE-EN ISO 22479.

* Resistance to cyclic corrosion conditions s/DIN 55635 and VDA 233-102.

* Evaluation of coatings degradation s/UNE-EN ISO 4628-4 and UNE-EN ISO 4628-5.

Obtained according to the reference standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017, accreditation that guarantees the goodness of the data reported by the laboratory at international level. The new technical annex can also be consulted on our website (https://www.labencor.com), on that of the National Accreditation Entity (https:/www.enac.es) or by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button.

Labencor is confident that this qualitative leap in its trial offering will please the market and help them improve the quality of their processes and their competitiveness.

We will continue to work on the improvement and updating of its services in order to maintain this seal of quality, currently positioning itself as one of the reference laboratories in corrosion tests at national level.