DBL 7381.10 (KWT 1 steel)


October 05, 2023

Labencor successfully participates in the INTERCOMPARISON DBL 7381.10 (KWT 1 steel) for testing laboratories.

We are pleased to inform you that by complying with one of the requirements of the Mercedes-Benz WEB 2020+ Reference, Labencor has successfully completed its participation in the Intercomparison organized in Germany by DRRR (Deutsches Referenzbüro für Ringversuche und Referenzmaterialien GmbH) for the Cyclic Corrosion Test according to Standard DBL 7381.10 (KWT 1 steel) in which 19 laboratories from different countries participated.

Obtaining the qualification of:

“excellent performance”

The result of this participation confirms that Labencor’s performance as a corrosion testing laboratory for the test according to DBL 7381.10 (KWT 1 steel) is satisfactory and encourages us to continue in the same direction.

You have at your disposal the document to consult the concrete results in the DOWNLOAD button.