Pull-off test


for adhesion

21 May, 2024

Acquisition of new equipment to perform the “Tensile Adhesion Test” for thicknesses greater than 250 µm according to UNE EN-ISO 4624:2024 Method A or B.

➡️ Standard UNE-EN ISO 4624:2024 describes three methods for determining adhesion using a tensile test on a single film or a multi-layer system of paints, varnishes or related products.

These methods include:

Method A: using two dollies, suitable for testing rigid and deformable substrates;

Method B: single-sided test, using a single dolly, suitable only for rigid substrates;

Method C: using dollies, one of it as a painted substrate.

🔴  These test methods have proved useful for comparing the adhesion behaviour of different coatings. It is more useful for establishing relative classifications of a series of coated specimens showing significant differences in adhesion.

📍 The test can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Different procedures are given depending on whether the substrate is deformable, for example, low-thickness metal, plastics and wood, or rigid, for example, concrete of sufficient thickness and metal plates.

⚙️ To avoid deformation of the substrate during the tensile test, it is common to use a sandwich type construction. For special purposes, for example, the coating can be applied directly to the surface of the test bed.